Tenants, leaseholders and occupiers fighting together


One of the most powerful things about this occupation so far is how long term residents of the estate have welcomed us and taken us into their hearts. We are forging strong links of solidarity and community with this common struggle.

On Saturday the estate campaign group Aylesbury Tenants and Leaseholders First are hosting a public meeting about the occupation and inviting all residents of the estate. Last night we went out leafleting together, and we are carrying on today putting leaflets through every door.

On the doorsteps we have been chatting to lots of residents, who are overwhelmingly against the demolition scheme, and full of support for the occupation.

Southwark Council, if you actually have ears to listen: stop messing with peoples lives. Stop wasting peoples time fighting your bullshit money-grabbing schemes. Let the Aylesbury Estate residents take back their estate and concentrate on making this the beautiful living place it can be.To everyone else: if you’re nearby, come to the public meeting: Saturday 3 PM @ Alvey Tenants Hall, ground floor of Thompson House, Beckway Stree (off East Street), SE17 1TS. PDF of flyer here:AylesburyTLF


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