Lots to do every day

As well as the daily meetings (every evening at 6.30pm) we’ve also had daily work-days, from about 11am onwards.

Plans for tomorrow (Saturday 7th) include:

making our communal meeting flat more comfortable – bench-building, decorating, making it even more accessible…

cleaning up flats that we’ve occupied, so that we have more sleeping spaces

bagging up broken glass, smashed sinks etc – the results of council vandalism

creating and hanging more banners on the estate

going out on the streets to distribute flyers and talk to people ( at 12 noon, some of us will be joining other aylesbury campaigners outside morrisons on walworth road)

going to the public meeting at the alvey tra hall (on beckway street) at 3pm – a chance to meet more aylesbury residents

improving our barricades

planning more events that’ll bring life back into the estate
we are very open to all kinds of ideas for events. come along to the evening meeting if you’ve got an idea and some energy to make it happen.

more fabric and paint for making large banners
rubble sacks and shovels
work gloves
paper to make posters

More news from today’s meeting:

The event that we’d started to publicise for this Sunday – the housing discussion hosted by the Brick Lane Debates crew – has now been scheduled to take place next weekend instead. It will be at Pembroke House from 4pm onwards on Sunday 15th – and therefore be part of the week of action being coordinated by the Radical Housing Network.

We’re planning a film screening & discussion for Friday 13th February. Starting immediately after the neighbourhood meeting (ie at 7.30pm): ‘Black Panthers’.

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