Tooley Street yesterday

“The Aylesbury tenants are asking for the estate to be refurbished and repopulated, not demolished. So that is what we’re doing, one block at a time. Unfortunately Southwark Council just wants to smash them up, and get on with their demolition”

This is what "regeneration" looks like from Watchful eye on Vimeo.

Yesterday we held a short demo outside Southwark Council’s main offices on Tooley Street. We took along bags of broken glass and broken sinks, gathered from flats that had been smashed up by council workers.

They made a very visual demonstration of what ‘regeneration’ looks like on the ground, and caused the closure of the main entrance for the entire hour that we were there.

As well as Aylesbury residents (tenants, leaseholders and squatters) there were plenty of other locals and housing campaigners there to show their support.
“What the council don’t seem to realise is that we’ve seen this before. We’ve seen what happened to all the people who used to live on the Heygate, we’ve seen how the leaseholders were treated there, we’ve seen how Peter John and the others lie, and we don’t trust them any more”.

There was a lively atmosphere, with lots of chanting, and hastily-produced signs, to explain why we were there.  “Social housing not social cleansing”   “Shame on you, Southwark vandals”
We attracted a lot of attention, and overwhelming support, from passing pedestrians and bus drivers/ passengers.

Here are some photos of the event:

B9fzkJ_IQAEbrIg.jpg large 1560502_1047392768610889_2617969465779062378_n   1509243_1047392715277561_2230669765168702198_n10929936_1047392741944225_1380369699345488734_n 10993076_1047392821944217_6777736382463242903_nB9fwKeUIUAA5kJt.jpg large10491274_1047392668610899_2867620586428546575_n     B9fqRhbIQAAIU2310985536_1047392798610886_3950480397163653205_n B9fqRpnIYAAvG8V10959520_1047392488610917_6607865242003314217_n

There are more photos on

If you’re a photographer, and are happy for us to use your work, please make contact with us and let us know!

We’ve spent a lot of time this week cleaning up the abandoned Chartridge flats. We’ve filled many bags with broken glass and bathroom rubble, but also with clothing and other household items left behind by those already forced out of their homes.

Some of us will be joining the Focus E15 campaign this evening, to protest outside the annual British Credit Awards. These celebrate achievement within the bailiff industry by handing out prizes for “best enforcement team” etc. We don’t want them to forget all those who have been on the receiving end of this enforcement!

We’ll be using stuff gathered on the Aylesbury to help recreate a post-eviction streetscape outside, for all the black-tie dinner-dance attendees to pick their way through.

Do come and join us!
Starts at 6pm sharp outside the Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SD.

More info at



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