Court solidarity demo Monday 9.30am

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We are up in Court on Monday morning, having received papers from Southwark Council who are requesting an “Interim Possession Order” (IPO) to retake our building. If they win the case, that will mean it could later become illegal for anyone to continue occupying the building.

We believe we have strong legal arguments against their case, and we will be contesting it. If their application for an IPO fails, there is another court hearing for a standard possession order on 11 March.

We are calling for a solidarity demo outside the court from 9.30 AM on Monday. This will help show the strength of support for our cause. If you can, please come down and show solidarity. Bring numbers and banners.

The address is:

Lambeth County Court

Cleaver Street

London SE11 4DZ

Later in the day, we will have a neighbourhood assembly in the occupation starting at 6PM, where we will discuss how to respond to the court’s decision. As usual, all neighbours and friendly visitors are warmly invited. (Note: even if the council wins their IPO hearing, there won’t be any legal problem being in the occupation until they have served the final notice and then another 24 hours has passed.)


(NB: the picture above is from 1955 Sophiatown, Johannesburg, from first wave of non-compliance with Apartheid. Thanks to Southwarknotes for this. Could the occupations and protests in London in the last few months grow into a serious fight against the deepening social apartheid in our city?)

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