Family-Friendly Gathering of Resistance at the Aylesbury Occupation

Film, Fun, Crêpes, and Comrades!

Yesterday the courts decided to make us homeless, so today we come together to defend against our imminent eviction.

squatters and tenants prototypeTuesday, February 17th, 2015.

The day starts at 12:30 with the screening of “Sí Se Peude: Seven Days at PAH Barcelona” about the housing struggles in Spain. Later there will be music, food, estate tours, barricade building, banner making, and more!

Show us your skills at the Aylesbury, whether its puppetry, plumbing, DIY knowledge, or whatever!

Fight for the Aylesbury!

Defend our homes!

Some photographs of the demo outside Lambeth County Court, taken by Frederique Bellec:

AylesburyEstate Protest 20150216_4 AylesburyEstate Protest 20150216_17AylesburyEstate Protest 20150216_41AylesburyEstate Protest 20150216_2

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