Local residents back the new occupation

Local Tenants condemn police & Labour Council para-military eviction 17 Feb & support New occupation “all the way”.

Statement from local tenants in Stop Aylesbury Demolition Campaign 18 Feb 2015

Piers Corbyn** said:-

The para-military, expensive night-time police and bailiffs operation and violent arrests to end, after Court decision, the Occupation in the defined single Chartridge Block on the Aylesbury estate was unjustifiable in any terms.

We demand Harriet Harman Labour MP for the area say if she thinks this operation was right and call on her to demand the Council end the anti-democratic demolition and social cleansing of the Aylesbury estate.

We demand the resignation of the Leader of the Council (Peter John) and the member responsible for Regeneration.

We call on Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party to tell Southwark Labour Council to end the demolition of the estate forthwith and instead to RESPECT the (2001) estate tenants and leaseholders ballot to keep the estate 100% Council housing, and to refurbish it as Council housing.

As long as the demolition of the Aylesbury continues no-one anywhere should vote Labour because the demolition and destruction of community and social cleansing being perpetrated is against democratic values Labour claim to respect.

We fully back the heroic new occupation of another Chartridge block all the way and will support all and any actions to obstruct and resist the decanting, demolition and building process and selling and letting of new flats on the estate and action against all agents and flunkies of such anti democratic tyranny.

We urge all tenants and leaseholders on the estate and in the area and beyond to support and visit the occupation and other struggles against demolition and social cleansing in Southwark and London until final victory!

For Messages+Resolutions of support, Speakers, enquiries please contact:

Aylesbury@riseup.net , Aylesbury Occupation 07546804591; 07476532632 (Aysen)

Southwark Defend Council Housing 02076227201; ALVEY ta chair Piers Corbyn 07958713320

WebSites: www.FightForTheAylesbury.wordpress.com ; Twitter @Fight4Aylesbury

www.AylesburyTenantsFirst.org.uk ,


Facebook SouthwarkdefendCouncil http://www.defendCouncilHousing.org.uk/dch

** Piers is chair of local Alvey Estate tenants and leaders association and former Labour councillor in an adjacent ward and for ten years representative for the area including the Aylesbury to Southwark Tenants Council consultation process

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