Saturday Family Fun Day!

Tomorrow during the (hopefully sunny) day we are inviting all our neighbours and supporters of the fight for the Aylesbury to come down for a meet-and-greet with the local community and have fun with all sorts of activities such as football in the park and food and bubbles in Rally Square out the front of the occupation.

It’s important that people recognise this not just as the occupation of an empty building but an attempt to breathe life back into a community that the Southwark Council is trying to destroy.

The flyer below has been handed out around the estate and Walworth, and we hope to see our supporters come down to engage with locals of the area in a day of fun and relaxation – something much needed after the adrenaline rush that has been the last few days.

12:30pm onwards. Hope to see you all there!


Since we began our occupation, we have been visited by lots of people who make films/ blogs/ radio interviews/ write articles, both for the mainstream media and in more independent/ diy/ activist/ amateur way. We’re planning to set up a media booth on Saturday afternoon, from about 2pm onwards, for interviews to happen. Whether you live/ lived on the Aylesbury, or somewhere else locally, if you have an opinion about the occupation, they would like to interview you!

This is your chance to tell the world what you think – about what’s happening here, about Southwark Council’s plans, about the way the area is changing, your experiences and those of your neighbours, etc etc – so please come on down and have your say!

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