Security Pests Start Lurking in the Aylesbury Bushes

On Thursday 19 February, the council hired private security to prevent access to the occupation. Six security guards and one vicious dog patrolled the area. When one occupant tried to climb the gate into the occupation, an aggressive security guard grabbed them, while they hung precariously over a five-metre drop. Other occupants ran to their support, and for half an hour similarly hung over the railings, negotiating with the police and security. The police stood watching, blank-faced, while the security guards held tight, refusing to produce any identification or any risk-assessment of the site. The occupants tried to persuade both police and security guards that the greatest danger to our safety are security guards grabbing people trying to enter and exit the occupation. Despite refusing to recognize the obvious danger of their actions, the police acquiesced and said that the security will not touch the occupants. We tested this statement by bringing in occupants through the back via ladder. Security rushed the occupants, but upon being challenged, did not prevent them. Throughout the evening, security remained on the estate, lurking in the bushes while we entered and exited freely.

This is just another failed attempt by the council to end our legal occupation, and their ongoing embarrassment. The occupation endures and we wait to see what the council will do next.

Long live the Aylesbury Expropriation!

Long live the Aylesbury Occupation!


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