Keeping warm this winter

@(LG) Battle Of Chartridge 025

A couple of photos from Saturday, showing some of the new banners which now decorate our protest. Thank you to everyone who has made/ sent us banners to hang. As you can see, we welcome all kinds and sizes of banner, some are slickly produced and others knocked out very quickly with the materials to hand. Got something to say? Or fancy painting a banner with someone else’s words? Want to donate some paint/ brushes/ chunky marker pens to a good cause? Get in touch!

@(LG) Battle Of Chartridge 024fix the lifts

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside on the walkway. We now have a brazier to help us keep warm, so the mission of collecting/ bringing/ choppng firewood is a new daily challenge. If you’re visting us, and able to bring some with you, that would be much appreciated!

brazier w toasties


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