Aylesbury Mystery

missing banner

When we came to the Aylesbury, we heard some horrible stories about the crime here. We heard how, when Southwark council inhabited the offices we are occupying, they took paid taxis home at night so as not to have to cross the estate. But we’ve has no problems. All we’ve had is support.

Yesterday morning, however, we finally experienced the degeneration we were warned of. The 30 meter banner we had outside our building was stolen! And right in front of the security guards and dogs that the council had employed to intimidate us! And when, we also heard, a number of people from the council had also been there that morning! Even stranger, the security guards, when we asked how the thieves had done it, did not seem to remember any banner ever having been outside our building.



  1. CamdenHousingAction

    Has the community reported this thief to the police ? The material & labour must have cost over a hundred pounds – & with of receipt from those that made it, a claim can be made, an investigation should be called and the local newspapers informed, incase it shows up somewhere else. A ‘crime’ is a crime, whether it is a pfennig or an estate – it is still a crime !


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