Southwark Council Up The Ante

As you have been told time and time again, Southwark Council, like all other councils across London, “has no resources – no money from central government” (read more about the hardships faced by the poor council here on Farraday ward councillor Paul William Fleming’s blog: Please note the completely fallacious statistics as well as the blatant self-congratulation of this man who clearly works harder for the people than any of you or us).

Yet despite being starved of funds, so much that they simply can’t afford to house people in their own borough, Southwark Council has managed to put its chips all-in, and make sure that their disdain for our occupation can not be mistaken by anyone not yet convinced.

Coming hot on the trail of their theft of our banner a few days ago, as of today Southwark Council has completely sealed off the entirety of the Phase 1 redevelopment block. This spans from Bradenham House, by Camberwell Road to Portland St, where we are currently occupying Chiltern House. All entrances are now under lock and key, with dozens of security guards posted to police all people intending to enter or exit the premises. Bear in mind there are still more than a few residents who live on the half-dozen blocks contained within this siege. This is not just an attack on our occupation, but an accelerated method to intimidate and make life miserable for these residents who remain, delaying the council’s plans.

The cost of this operation just accounting for security guards wages would reach upwards of £4000, so once the dog-handlers and the profit required for the security company itself are taken into account we believe this figure could reach nearly £10000 per day. This is your, our, their taxpayer dollar that is being wasted on a vindictive battle waged against people fighting for basic housing rights.

If you are incensed by this waste of public funds you can contact the council at or on 020 7525 0042. Of course if people want to come down to the occupation and support us in person that is always welcome too. We still have ways of getting you in, just call us on 07546804591 when you get down here.

P.S. Don’t forget to come down tomorrow, Saturday the 14th for the DCH march, meeting at Burgess Park at 12 noon.


One comment

  1. southwarknotes

    It’s also probably a divide and rule strategy with the Council hoping that making life harder for remaining residents will result in them falling out with the Occupation which so far has hot been the case at all on Chiltern.


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