The Occupation Keeps on Growing


A practical scheme, people say, is either one that already exists or one that can be carried out within existing conditions. But it is exactly existing conditions that we object to. The practical scheme has the force to break them

Yesterday, after the march opposing the demolition of the estate, we occupied residential flats above the ex- council regeneration and planning offices in Chiltern House. Rather than waiting to be evicted from our occupation in the offices, we took the initiative and expanded.

The Aylesbury will not sit empty, waiting for demolition. We who have need of it, will make use of it. We won’t wait in vain for the council to change their policies. We will take control of housing conditions ourselves.

Perhaps it seems like a crazy thing to do: to go from renting a flat to squatting one. But affordable, stable housing is becoming rarer and rarer. Breaking with the bare comforts of the status quo, and re-taking the houses in which we want to live, is the only scheme by which we can save our homes.

Join us!

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