We have been occupying empty blocks on the Aylesbury Estate since the March for Homes on Saturday 31st January.

We are now in our third occupation – of Chiltern House, on the corner of Albany Road and Portland Street, SE17 – where we are occupying the former offices of Southwark Council’s Regeneration and Planning departments, as well as some of the empty flats upstairs.

It’s not as easy to visit as our previous occupations, thanks to the large fence that Southwark has installed around the entire area, and the presence of around twenty security guards to enforce it.

However we have ways of sneaking you in. Or chatting with you over the fence if you’d rather not come inside. You can phone us on 0754 680 4591.

You can email us on aylesbury(at)riseup.net. Bear in mind that we don’t always have reliable internet access inside the occupation, so can’t always respond straight away.

If you are a journalist, or someone hoping to write an article about what’s happening, please read the ‘media’ section of this website before contacting us: https://fightfortheaylesbury.wordpress.com/media/

Also visit the website of the long-standing tenants and leaseholders’ campaign on the estate:


For some more background info on the Aylesbury Estate and other struggles in our area check out:





    • admin

      Hey guys! Link for “Aylesbury Tenants First” should read “Aylesbury Tenants and Leaseholders First” – it goes to the old site, set up in 2010/2011, and we don’t (never did) had a way of editting this – the address for the up to date wordpress site is here –


      ideas and help on making this site more impactful are welcome!



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