Stuff to print

Do you have a printer?

Are you able to make more copies of any of these?

The more the merrier – we’d like to get as many posters and flyers out in the neighbourhood as possible – please bring posters and flyers down to the estate for us to use!


Our current leaflet, which explains some of the figures – can be printed out double-sided and then cut into A5 size:

june revitalising

And in Turkish:

turkish revitalising se17

A leaflet from Aylesbury Tenants & Leaseholders First, aimed at residents – can be printed out double-sided and then cut into A5 size:

for aylesbury residents

And in Turkish:

turkish residents


More info about the plans for the Elephant & Castle shopping centre:

e&c shopping centre

and in Spanish:

e&c shopping centre – espanol

Some colourful posters from Southwark Notes:

alcatraz demo poster w fence

alcatraz demo poster w gate

shark attack


Some posters remembering the Heygate:



Down with the fences!

still no permission

Another A4 poster:

a4 aylesbury threeandahalf

Designed by the Southwark Notes crew:

aim high

Appeared on the fence:

poster on fence

beat the blockade poster


aylesbury posters

aylesbury posters

aylesbury poster 2

aylesbury poster 2

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