We have had a discussion about how we communicate our messages. We agreed that our aim is to talk directly to people, rather than relying on commercial media to speak for us. And we don’t want to create media “figureheads” or personalities. So our main ways of communicating include talking widely with our neighbours, leafleting and doing stalls in the area, organising actions and protests, and regularly publishing stories and ideas on this website. We will also work with other non-profit and social media.

However, we are not going to ignore commercial media altogether. We agreed the following points:

** We are not going to give in person or telephone interviews to journalists.

** But we will do interviews by email. I.e., if journalists send us a list of questions, we will talk together and write some responses.

** Also, there are residents from the estate and from local campaign groups who are happy to talk, both about the estate and to give their views of the occupation. We will happily pass journalists’ numbers on to them.


PRESS RELEASE dated 02/02/2015: can be forwarded widely!

Tomorrow morning, there will be another court case at Lambeth County Court. Southwark Council are seeking an Interim Possession Order for 69-76 Chartridge, the block currently being occupied by the 'Fight for the Aylesbury' protestors.

The first block – 77-105 Chartridge – was occupied immediately after the March for Homes on 31st January, and cleared out by a massive police operation on Tuesday 17th February.

Six people were arrested that evening. One of them, a tenant from the Aylesbury Estate, is also due to appear in court tomorrow. Instead of going to the County Court, we have decided to support him with a solidarity demonstration outside Camberwell Magistrates Court from 10am – 12 noon.

We expect another large police operation is being planned for Thursday/ Friday. We are still working out how to continue our protest.

For further information, look at our websites:
Or at the excellent Southwark Notes website, which details much of the opposition to gentrification in North Southwark over the years.

Interviews available with members of the campaign, including:
Aysen 0747 653 2632
Piers 0795 871 3320
Email the occupation via 

Fight for the Aylesbury!



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