Even when we lose in court, we win in the streets. Victory to the Aylesbury!

Today, after tearing down the fences built by Southwark council to isolate us, we left our occupation of the Aylesbury Estate. Several hundred people came to destroy the cages. No fence can contain us. No fence can keep us out. We are squatters who are not bound by the borders of the Aylesbury estate. We are residents who still have leases and tenancies. We are everyone who needs a place to stay. We are bound by nothing but this need. See you soon at Aylesbury. See you soon at Sweets Way. See you at the Guinness Trust. See you at UAL, LSE, Kings and Goldsmiths. See you soon in all the squats. See you at every protest and minor act of resistance. See you soon everywhere.

Aylesbury estate011.jpg

Another film from Watchful Eye


  1. admin

    Just launched! We now have an on-line petition – please sign -https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-demolition-of-the-aylesbury-estate-2000-homes


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